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What People Are Saying:

Perhaps the greatest challenge with this book is figuring out who to recommend it to because every healthcare provider, patient with chronic pain, individual with a loved one in chronic pain, health insurance worker, and politician needs to read it. At this point the severity of the opioid epidemic ravaging our country is lost on no one, and thus the urgency of the actionable information found in this book can not be overstated. Written by a physician who has walked the walk, both as an individual who has suffered from chronic pain and as a provider who has worked tirelessly to come alongside others who are suffering, this book provides an extraordinary insight into the pain experience and medical system. For health care providers the text is full of revealing challenges and actionable solutions we face in this modern day medical industrialized complex. For patients there is plain language explanations of many common chronic pain disorders and corresponding treatments, with no nonsense information to help guide decision making for those searching for a solution in the profit driven maze that is our sick care system. At once honest and unsettling yet hopeful and actionable this publication is a needed resource for everyone somehow involved in the escalating chronic pain problem here in the United States.

Jeff Moore, PT, DPT, OCS, FAAOMPT, MTC, CERT-SMT, Colorado

PAINDEMIC® is a book equally important for people in pain, health care professionals, and health care policy-makers. If you have persisting pain, you know that you need expert knowledge of this. If you are a health professional, you know it is the most common reason for patient visits, and a huge gap in professional education. Dr. Cady provides you with evidence-based information intending to compel you to change. She clearly points to the multifaceted nature of pain, asking us all to consider the manner in which we understand pain, and the manner in which we treat people with it. Given the personal costs to 20% of our populations, and financial cost to health care agencies and society in general, we really should be considering this a PAINDEMIC®.

Neil Pearson, Physical Therapist, Yoga Therapist, Clinical Assistant Professor, University of British Columbia, Canada

Dr. Cady, I had the chance to finish reading PAINDEMIC® while driving across the plains with my young adult children and spouse on our way to a rocky mountain ski trip. It was wonderful to share your insights with my fourth year medical student, about to be first year physical therapy student and college freshman. At some point, we will all likely encounter an episode of severe pain. Now is the time to learn practical methods to manage pain, to effectively and proactively navigate the healthcare system and to embrace the antiPAIN lifestyle! The book somehow went missing at the end of the family trip. However, I have a good idea who is currently reading it. Many thanks for sharing your excellent work!

Patrick H. Luetmer, M.D., Neuroradiologist, Rochester, Minnesota

For those suffering with chronic pain and looking for an elusive answer, you can stop looking. Written in a conversational and easy to understand manner, ‘Paindemic’ is your road map. For those of us who treat chronic pain in our healthcare practices, this book will serve as your guide to the availability and range of interventions, and the scientific support for those interventions. This book clearly defines the utility of high tech, low tech and invasive treatments currently available for chronic pain sufferers, pulls back the curtain on the business of our healthcare system, and separates fact from fiction, opinion from science, in the treatment of chronic pain. Dr. Cady’s message is clear: Fix the problem, don’t chase the symptom. Thank you, Dr. Melissa Cady, for this concise, well-crafted and honest glimpse into the current world of chronic pain treatment.

Todd A. Edelson, PT, DPT, Dip. MDT; Diplomate and Faculty Member; The McKenzie Institute International

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