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POL Community Mission

  • To enable a platform for pain challengers to tell their story of PAIN OUT LOUD with other pain challengers or sufferers regarding healthy ways in which they have overcome or minimized suffering from their pain.
  • To form a collaborative community of positive and constructive engagement to minimize the negative consequences of overly fixating on the pain.
  • To be a resource of practical, holistic, and varied approaches to the multiple pain challenges that members and the general public may have.
  • Be a source of supporters/attendees for future pain events.
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"There is no PAINacea—
we all need a more PAINoramic view of PAIN."


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PAIN OUT LOUD Real-Life Stories

Learn about Jonathan & CRPS 

Complex Regional Pain Syndrome (CRPS) can occur for various reasons, including after a trauma/surgery.

Hear his inspirational story of how CRPS affected Jonathan, what it took to get him to the "after" pic on the right, and what he does now.

Want to Hear More?

Learn about Heidi, Opioids, & Abdominal Pain

Despite nearly a decade of opioid use, hear what Heidi says about her experience with various medical interventions and how she has incorporated traditional and non-traditional ways to help herself improve her quality of life.


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Why Do Healing Stories Matter?

  • The mere feeling of being heard can help the suffering of pain.
  • Speaking of one's own pain allows a sense of validation and contribution to others.
  • Stories can educate and empower.
  • Stories help people cope with life's complexities.
  • Stories connect and bring people together. Pain can create a sense of isolation and loneliness.
  • Stories allow emotion to surface, which keeps us more human.
  • Stories remind us that pain is not just physical but a biopsychosocial (biological-psychological-social) phenomenon.
  • In the transactional business of medicine, we are missing out on the relational aspect of medicine. These stories are reminders that patients need ACTIVE listeners as much as medical professionals need ENGAGED patients who are ACTIVE in their own care.
  • Once the medical system takes the time to truly listen to patients' stories without judgment, it will come to more fully understand and appreciate the struggle of those in pain and also be pleasantly surprised that their patients will finally feel heard and willing to be more active in the process of healing in multiple areas of their lives.

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Become part of a community to help create awareness, education, hope, and events for all who suffer from pain.

Prior to submitting your story, please review the Pain Challenger Story Guidelines.

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