Finally an Author...

Feb 02, 2016

Author? Never did I imagine in my lifetime that I would actually be an author of a book. My journey to becoming an author of PAINDEMIC merely started in 2013. It was an idea and a process that developed after encouragement from others who heard my messages. And it was leaders in the online world who allowed me to figure out how I could materialize a newfound dream.

The reality is that after years of medical school and training, I was supposed to be a pain-trained physician in practice. I do work part-time as an anesthesiologist, but I have been asked why I was not practicing pain medicine. Sometimes the more you learn, the more you realize how much society does not know or sometimes you begin to understand the inadequacies of the system. Although I have dear friends who are pain medicine physicians, I did not want to join the ranks of the current chronic pain practices. They did not appeal to my style of doctoring. My personal vision of a pain practice is not one that would be easy to create nor be very sustainable in our current medical system. However, I have ideas that may come to fruition in the future. For now, I have realized that what our country needs the most is EDUCATION. Patients deserve it, and patients need it. My book is a contribution to the world as a pain medicine trained physician. The goal is to be a voice of reason for patients who suffer from chronic pain and for physicians who treat people in pain. It is important to celebrate the many medical professionals, not just physicians, who help people in pain. It would be great to have medical schools expand and improve upon their training of physicians. Unifying everyone’s efforts into a pain community whereby ego can be minimized and common sense can be maximized is the ideal goal. It is important to allow patients to have a voice so that the world can learn from them. Most importantly, I want the nation to open its mind to why we have such a PAINDEMIC so that we can better understand and address the complex issue of chronic pain.

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