Interview by Mechanical Care Forum Podcast

May 25, 2016

Jason Ward of the Mechanical Care Forum interviewed Dr. Cady regarding the book PAINDEMIC.

The Medical System: Dr. Cady expresses frustrations within the medical system, sharing that many physicians feel stressed out or burned out due to high volume practices. Medical practitioners feel victimized by the system, and she notes that “victims treating victims” is often not a sustainable business model or a successful treatment approach. She speaks to the complexity of the current healthcare system.

Quote: “Pain is usually not life threatening, it is life altering… especially dependent upon how you are viewing it.”

She goes on to explain how pain is often a signal that something may be amiss, but is rarely an emergency situation. She stresses the importance of pain education.

- from the Mechanical Care Forum website

Listen to the 2-part podcast at the following links:

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