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Brad Cummings

Ventriloquist with Back Pain

Joy Selak, PhD

Full-Body Pain

Cathryn Jakobson Ramin

Back Pain


Complex Regional Pain Syndrome/Shoulder Pain - Story of Overcoming Opioid Use

Patrice Jones

Burning Nerve Pain/Neuromyelitis Optica

Pete Moore 2019 (UK)

Back Pain Recurrence


Mark Kargela, PT

Back Pain

Cynthia Toussaint

Complex Regional Pain Syndrome

Keith Meldrum (Canada)

Abdominal pain

Dr. Jonathan Kuttner (New Zealand)

Back Pain

Liz Peppin, PA (Michigan)

Back pain

Sharna Prasad, PT (Oregon)

Back pain

Judy Koons (Colorado)


Laura Bautista (Texas)

Multiple Sites of Pain

Dr. David Hanscom (Washington)

Multiple Sites of Pain

Leda (Ohio)

Knee Pain/CRPS

Dr. Steve Goldrick (Washington)

Neck pain

Julie Peacock, PT (Adelaide, South Australia)

Multiple Sites of Pain

Dr. Bennett Ezekiel (Texas)

Back Pain with Leg Symptoms

Dr. Ray McClanahan (Oregon)

Foot pain & more

Erin Jackson (Chicago, Illinois)

Vulvodynia (Vulvar Pain)

Dr. Bronnie Lennox Thompson (New Zealand)



Joint Pain

Jennifer (Massachusetts)

Neck Pain +

Christina (Washington, DC)

Full-body pain with Lyme Disease

Dr. Mitchell Cohn (Michigan)

Back Pain

Ricardo (Texas)

Back Pain

Dr. Stephen Grinstead (California)

Back Pain

Shelly (Washington)

Back Pain

Renate (Singapore)

Hip Pain

DANIEL (California)

Abdominal Pain

Lorraine "The Ballerina"

Back Pain +

Dr. Cheryl Keller Capone (PA, USA)

Foot/Ankle Pain

Pete (London, UK)

Back Pain

Jenny (California)

Back Pain

Lela (Connecticut)

Back Pain

Debbie (Illinois)

Full-body Pain

Jonathan (Texas)

CRPS (Complex Regional Pain Syndrome)

Barbara (& Jonathan)

Caretaker of CRPS Patient

Heidi (Texas)

Abdominal Pain

Joletta (Colorado)

Hip Pain

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