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Baby Got Back Better was rewritten by Melissa Cady, D.O. (aka the "Challenge Doctor") from the original song Baby Got Back by Sir Mix-A-Lot. Dr. Cady is a board-certified anesthesiologist and fellowship-trained, board-certified pain medicine physician who has mastered her own back pain for over 20 years. She shares the most recent understanding of the pain neuroscience, especially when it comes to back pain.

Here are the entire lyrics by Dr. Cady for BABY GOT BACK BETTER:

Oh, My, Doc, seriously, look at my back!

It is so bad, I look like, like

One of those old people’s spines.

But, ya know, who understands my back pain?

I can’t focus on anything,

It’s so hard to move without hurting, ‘kay?

I mean, I am falling apart

I can’t believe it,

I’ve never felt pain like this

My MRI, look It seems, so, bad

I’d like to help but I cannot lie,

You other patients can’t deny.

That when a Doc walks in with an itty bitty script,

Thinkin’ somethin’ in your back slipped,

You get scared,

quick to want studies

To see more and spend more monies

When it’s well-known by experts

That you’re likely to get more hurt

Or, Maybe, you want a prescription

And take Vicodin

Some doctors may give it freely

But with those risks they’ve got, makes (us so worried).

Ooh, still got back pain?

You say you just want some lidocaine?

Well, boo me, boo me

‘Cause injections don’t fix your owie!

I’ve seen they’re short-livin’ To hell with more riskin’

You’re great, bait

Hot for others’ profits to inflate.

Tired of consequences,

From treatments so extensive.

Take the average patient and ask him that

Their faces go, “What?”

So, fellas (yeah) fellas (yeah)

Does your back pain have a chance? (hell yeah)

Tell ‘em to shake it (shake it) shake it (shake it)

Shake that healthy back Baby got back (Doctors dance with their back-n-booty)

Baby got back (Doctors dance with their back-n-booty)

You like quick fix, and now

And you can’t take that “ow”

Now you just can’t help yourself, acting on the status quo

Now here’s the blow

Thinkin’ of surgery?

And ugh, double think, ugh, ugh

I ain’t talkin’ only option

‘Cause cutting parts requires more caution.

Back pain without emergency

Is rarely solved by surgery.

There's more to pain than tissues

Let's look at other issues

Finding pain relief is a journey

To heal and know you deeply.

Choose help that listens well.

You really have so much to tell.

A word about your MRI, what you are seeing

Can be very deceiving.

But I gotta be straight that many who’ve got NO pain

Have your same finding!

That’s the silver lining

It’s fact that some will be hidin’

‘Cause the system reaps from your demandin’.

You want it, you can get it.

But your strong and not a pawn.

And you’re ready to get a move on.

So, Ladies (Yeah) Ladies (Yeah)

You gotta move with fewer worries (Yeah)

Then turn around stick it out,

And don’t let fear tap you out.

Baby got back (better) Baby got back

Yeah, baby, when it comes to pain

Pronto ain’t got nothing

To do with your selection

No 9-1-1? Then get the 4-1-1

And learn neuroplasticity!

So, your friend says take a pill,

but she doesn’t have pain skills

And those pills can kill

and lead to more bills and unneeded frills.

Your pain is tryin’ to tell ya

Somethin’ needs to be betta

Maybe yoga or deep breathin’

But please don’t stop movin’!

Some pace, do weights, or stretchin'

Or strategies with direction

They know they have more power

Than shared by the ivory tower.

So, your doctor won’t chat

Well you ain’t down with that

‘Cause you have no fear and your body’s still movin’

And you’re thinking ‘bout kickin’

To the docs who don’t believe my pain

You ain’t it, Doctor Thang

Give me pain experts who can teach me

And rule out true emergency

Give me what most are missin’

A thorough examination

Maybe we’ll finally understand

That my pain control is in my hands.

So peeps, if your back is achin’

And not sure what is ailin’

Be careful askin’ for more shots

And kick them fearful thoughts

Baby got back (better)

Baby got back (better)

(Wiggle in the middle cuz she got strong back)

(Wiggle in the middle cuz he got strong back)

(Wiggle in the middle cuz she got strong back)

(Wiggle in the middle cuz he got strong back)


Human (Pain Version) Song

Cover Song Lyrics written by Dr. Cady for those with pain.


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