Pain and Simple®

Pain Wisdom Simply Stated

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Are you in pain? Do you know someone in pain?

Pain and Simple® is intended to gently introduce someone in pain to a more helpful approach by understanding modern pain science wisdom in everyday terms.

Its brevity is meant to be read from time to time as an inspiration and a reminder of the ways in which someone can help one’s self and/or approach working in tandem with medical or pain professionals when necessary.

Calming, beautiful photographs by Dr. Cady's travels are included throughout the book.

In addition, there are resources at the end of the book to help guide additional learning about pain to assist in one’s own journey of improving or resolving pain.

Melissa Cady, the author of PAINDEMIC®, is a pain fellowship-trained and dual board-certified physician in anesthesiology and pain medicine through the American Board of Anesthesiology with a deep understanding of being a pain patient as well. Dr. Cady shares some of her wisdom from her experiences and training in Pain and Simple® as a stepping stone for others in pain.

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Please note that the paperback and hardback will be available on Amazon in February 2023.
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